More floor sculptures and butterfly based symmetry work

Floor sculptures and butterfly symmetry work on PhotoPeach

1000 visitors!

Well done everyone in Reception. We have just hit the magical 1000 visitors on our site! Just think, 1000 people have seen all the hard work you’ve been putting in to school and all the fun you’ve been getting out of it! Keep up the good work kids!

Butterfly Symmetry

The children loved using a symmetrical paint program today and made their own symmetrical butterflies by painting one wing and folding it over. They are now flying around green group’s carpet!

Why not have a go at this butterfly symmetry game. If you want, you can print them off and add them to our butterfly collection!
butterfly game

Super-Thinking Day Park Trip and Floor Sculptures

For Super Thinking Day we went to Chorlton Park to do lots of different activities. When we came back we discussed some mystery objects and made some floor sculptures.

Super Thinking Day on PhotoPeach

Chloe’s first photographs

Chloe was let loose with the camera and these are the photos that she took of her friends around the classroom.

Chloe’s First Photograph Exhibition on PhotoPeach

New Tunes

I’ve changed the boring old music on some of the videos for some more fitting theme tunes. Have a look at the farm and the tennis slideshows to see what I mean!

At the request of the boys involved…

We read the story ‘what the ladybird heard’ and then did some hot-seating with the boys pretending to be the robbers from the story…

Reflections – 23rd May

Reflections – week beginning 23rd May on PhotoPeach

Anyone for tennis?

Anyone for tennis? on PhotoPeach