A stitch in time…

The children had a whale of a time sewing and stuffing their own fish to finish off our work on Finding Nemo!

Reception using the beebots in ICT!

Reception’s first go on the Beebots! We drew our own maps! on PhotoPeach

Sing up!

Every Friday Reception use the singup website for collective singing. The children really enjoy it! Why not click on the link below to use the website at home and learn some of your child’s favourite songs from school. A few favourites are Mr Miller, A B-U-G, A Cat Sat on a Mat and Animal Fair!

Link to Sing Up!

Welcome to our world….won’t you come on in!

Hi everyone, welcome to the wonderful world of Reception at Barlow Hall Primary School. Please keep an eye out for what we’re getting up to in school. Feel free to leave a comment underneath any posts that interest you, we really appreicate your feedback!