Telling the time!

We’ve just started learning about telling the time…

More floor sculptures and butterfly based symmetry work

Floor sculptures and butterfly symmetry work on PhotoPeach

Measuring in maths

Today we went around the classroom measuring whether things were longer or shorter than our rulers and sorting them accordingly!

Measuring in maths! on PhotoPeach

2 more games that we used in ICT today

The children used both the desktop and laptop computers in ICT and found out how to move from window to window to play different games. Here are the two of the three games we played today. I will put the links on the right hand side as well.

Whack a mole

Dinosaur reading

Addition game

We played this yesterday and some children asked for a link on the blog so… here it is!

Addition Game

Next numeracy game

We played this game today. The children found the non-consecutive number ordering a little bit tricky so having a go at home would help I’m sure! Click the link below to have a go! The link can once again also be found under the numeracy games section on the right-hand side.

Ordering non-consecutive number game